Evergreen Co-op Receives Inuksuk Award
December 22, 2021

Donna Smith, Board of Director Representative for FCL, presented a very special Inuksuk Award to Evergreen Co-op General Manager, Shane Buss and Evergreen Co-op Board President, Desiree Vandenhoven, in Rimbey to commemorate 75 years! 🌟🎉

The Inuksuk is a symbol with deep roots in the Inuit culture, originally a directional marker and now know as a symbol that signifies safety, hope and friendship.

The Inuksuk is a symbol of the human spirit. It recognizes our ability to succeed with others, where alone we might fail. It reminds us of our need to belong to something greater than ourselves and prompts us to reconnect with our individual responsibility to invest our efforts today so that we may all have a better tomorrow. The Inuksuk conveys the importance of personal contribution and it reinforces our ability to commit to common goals. This inuksuk is a unique and authentic carving purchased from Arctic Co-ops, a member of our federation.

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