Rimbey Fish & Game Donation
May 25, 2021

Today, Desiree Vandenhoven, our Board President and Rick Moon, Operations Manager for Evergreen Co-op, presented a $5,000.00 donation to Daryl Hunt, President of the Rimbey Fish and Game Association.  

The Rimbey Fish and Game Association is a local non-profit organization that has about 300 members annually and is affiliated with the Alberta Fish and Game Association.  They work towards ensuring more habitat, fish and wildlife for the use and enjoyment of Albertan's. Their mission is to promote through educational programs, the conservation and utilization of fish and wildlife and to protect and enhance the habitats they depend upon.

Daryl has been volunteering with the Rimbey Fish and Game Association for over 30 years and was thrilled to accept this generous donation on behalf of Rimbey Fish and Game.  This donation is going towards a very special new project ~ a new Fish and Game Centre.  (please stay tuned for more details)

Congratulations to all of the volunteers & members of the Rimbey Fish and Game Association!

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