Thank You Larry Dunsford
April 6, 2021

Today we announce that after 19 years of service, Larry Dunsford has decided to step down from Evergreen Co-op's Board of Directors this year.

Larry joined the Rocky Mountain House Co-op Board of Directors originally in 2002.  He took his Board duties with dedication and seriousness.  Larry was an integral part of our team when we amalgamated with Rimbey Co-op in 2017.  His willingness to serve on any committee that needed him most was very appreciated.  Larry made things work and gave it his all, no matter what position he helped with  Board Secretary, Member Relations Committee Member or a Governance.

Desiree Vandenhoven, our Board President and Sandra Vavrek, our Vice President,  presented Larry with a beautiful plaque for his service with our Board.  Larry, we thank you for your contribution to Evergreen Co-op, our Board and the CRS as a whole.  You will be missed and we wish you the very best in your future endeavours!

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